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Road Review 2017

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Town of Watertown Alphabetical Listing of Roads

Airport Road
Aliceton Drive
Alvoss Road
Ash Road
Beggan Road
Berry Road
Beryl Drive
Boje Court
Boje Lane
Buchert Lane
Cattail Drive
Ceasar Road
Circle Drive
Clifford Lane
County Ridge Lane
County Ridge Court
County Trunk A
County Trunk A- River Road
County Trunk CW
County Trunk D
County Trunk E
County Trunk P
County Trunk T
County Trunk X
County Trunk Y
"D" Lane
Donald Lane
Dreamfield Drive
East Gate Drive
East Horseshoe Road
Ebenezer Drive
Emerald Drive
Freitag Lane
Frohling Lane
Gopher Hill Road
Granite Lane
Groth Lane
Gypsy Road
High Road
Highland Road
Highway 16
Highway 19
Highway 26
Hillcrest Drive
Hilltop Road
Horseshoe Road
Jefferson Road
Kasten Lane
Kelm Road
Kohlhoff Lane
Koschnick Road
Kuckkan Lane
Lange Lane
Little Coffee Road
Loam Road
Luttman Drive
Martin's Way
Matthew Court
Michael Lane
Navan Road
North Lane
Oak Hill Road
Ornis Road
Otto Lane
Overland Drive
Petig Road
Pipersville Road
Pleasant Valley Lane
River Road
River Ridge Lane
River View Road
Riverdale Lane
Rock River Paradise
Saucer Road
South Road
Spruce Drive
Switzke Road
Turke Lane
Wesley Road
West Road
Willow Road
Witte Lane
Zillge Lane

List of Town of Watertown Addresses

Address's are subject to change and updated regularly.