Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've tried to contact the Chairman or Supervisor and have not gotten a reply or see any follow up. What can I do now?
A: Contact the CLERK and it will be dealt with and/or placed on the agenda if necessary.

Q: I have a concern about a road. Does the Town handle this?
A: Contact the Chairman and he will deal with it or refer it to the County.

Q: I have an issue with my trash/recycling, who do I call?
A: Supervisor John Thoma at 920-261-5690 or email at:

Q:There's a large amount of trash on the side of the road or in the ditch or a pothole needing repair, who do I call?
A: Contact the CLERK at 920-262-9384. 

Q: What if there’s a tree down or branches etc on the road, who should I contact? 
A: Contact the Chairman at 920-261-2964 or clerk at 920-262-9384 

Q: How do I know if I need a building permit?
A: It is best to check with the Town Building Inspector before beginning any project,
even if minor:

If a permit is needed and not gotten, a fine will be levied.

Q: Do I need a burning permit to burn brush or have a campfire? 
A: No, but a call to the County Sheriff's Department 920-674-7310 is required and also to contact any town board member prior to burning.

Q: Why doesn't the Town cut the grass along the roadway more often and do some other
services that it use to?
A: The cost of labor and fuel and maintenance of equipment all factor in what the Town
does. The more the Town spends, the more monies needed for operation. Thus,
higher taxes from the town, added to increases from schools and County, etc. make
for a higher tax bill.

Q: Why doesn't the Town go around and chip brush anymore?
A: Due to the cost of labor as well as the wear and tear on the chipper. Also, some people were taking advantage of the service. The Town does chip due to storm damage etc. or within the Town right a way or roadways.

Q: How do I know what's going to be discussed at the Plan Comission or Town meeting?
A: Agenda's are posted at the Town Hall and N8729 River Road and
in the Daily Times (under municipal meeting notices) by the Friday before, the Watertown Public Library as well as the Town website.

Q: How can I get something discussed at the Town meeting?
A: Either contact the Chairman or the CLERK, 12-15 days prior to the meeting. or The Town Chairman makes the final decision what will be placed on the agenda.

Q: How do I get something on the Plan Commission agenda?
A: Fill out an application (under Forms) and submit it along with the proper
fee's, to the Clerk 12-15 days prior to the Monday before the Plan Commission meeting date. Anything received after that will be placed on the next months agenda.

Q: Do board members just attend the one meeting a month?
A: No, besides the monthly meeting, there are County Zoning meetings, County Unit
Meetings, District Meetings, Wisconsin Towns Association Meetings and workshops
and UW Extension seminars. Municipal Clerk and Treasurer meetings, workshops,
conferences and conventions. There also may be meetings with attorneys, fire
boards, property or fence viewings or other meetings necessary to perform Town
business. See also the section in Miscellaneous in regard to duties of a Town official.

Q: Can I call the City or a Village with questions?
A: Both do have to follow many of the same rules as towns and the County,
but because of their classifications, they have numerous types of different codes,
statutes and ordinances to follow.

Q: What is the Town "right-a-way"?
A: Measured 33 feet from the center line of the road on either side is considered the
town "right-a-way" and part of the town. Anything placed within this are can be
asked to be removed by the Town if considered inappropriate. Property owners
normally maintain this area in the front of their property to add to the aesthetics of 
their property.

Q: Why can someone do something on his or her property and I can't?
A: This all depends on the request, the size of the property, the zoning of the property,
and whether similar request have been made previously, such as a land split, etc. 
Many things factor into granting or not granting a request. It is best to check with the
County for clarification.

Q: My neighbor is infringing on my property or causing problems. Will the Town talk to them?
A: No, the Town does not handle "neighbor" issues. Speak to the neighbor, seek legal advice or contact the Sheriff's Department. Make sure all facts are in order and you have some documentation if needed.

Q: Why do I have to pay to use the Town Hall if I live in the Town? Why a deposit?
A: The cost for heat and electricity and custodial care as well as depreciation of the
building, etc. There have been incidences where poor cleaning has been done or damage, and to collect "after-the fact" is hard to do, thus the deposit.

Q: What is the Annual Meeting about?
A: Held the THIRD Tuesday of April, a complete financial report is given for the past
year. The Chairman also recaps the past year and gives a legislative update. 
Typically there is no agenda and Town residents may discuss any topic they
feel necessary pertaining to the Town. The Town Board cannot make
any decisions at this meeting, but rather take the recommendations and include them
on a monthly board meeting agenda if feasible.

Q: Who does the Town budget and how?
A: The Town Board has a budget workshop held in October and then a public hearing
held in November. Research is done as to expenditures for the previous year and
anticipated amounts needed for the coming year considering future projects such as
roads, or large purchases, etc. Consideration must be given to monies received from
the State and Federal governments and whether they are increased, decreased or discontinued.

Q: What happens with access monies in the budget if not used, or if an account runs
A: There is a contingency fund to transfer monies from or if another account has access
or is not being used. Accounts for projects not completed are rolled over into the
new budget for use as payment in the next year. Access monies are also held in
accounts to use by the Town where needed and assist in holding the Town tax down
The town holds these monies in CD's to eliminate the need to borrow addition funds.

Q: How come my taxes seem to go up every year? What is the Town doing with all the
money, when it seems services are being reduced?
A: Tax bills are prepared by the County with Federal, State, County, Town and school figures. "Town tax" is minimal and the board tries to keep it the same or change slightly. Tax increases are usually due to school and County tax figures being increased. 
Examine your tax bill for clarification or ask the treasurer to point out the various

Q: My property is over assessed. What can I do? Will the Town lower it?
A: First contact our assessor, Associated Appraisal at 800-721-4157 or
920-749-1995 Fax: 920-731-4158 or and discuss it. Or,
attend the "open book" session held in spring. Assessments do not change or
effect prior years, but will adjust for the next tax bill.

Q: I want to rezone or get a conditional use permit. Who should I talk to?
A: First contact Contact County Zoning Department 920-674-7130, then Plan Commission Chairman Aari Roberts at 920-699-4306 or the, prior to beginning the process. (See Forms and Permit Section)

Q: How do I know when a Town meeting is?
A: Check the calendar page on the website at Town meetings are the second Monday of the month beginning at 7:00pm. Agendas are posted at N8729 River Road, Watertown Public Library, Town Hall and under Municipal Meeting Notices in the Friday edition of the Daily Times.

Q: I feel my tax bill is wrong. Will the treasurer change it? 
A: No. Please contact the County Treasurer or Land Information Office.

Q: Why can't I just go to the County about things rather than the Town?
A: The County covers a much larger area and the individual Towns assist in caring out
laws, statues, and handling calls. Many times the Town has final say on some
manners as well as being more specific on the requirements. The County usually has jurisdiction in most matters though, so it is best to follow procedures entailed by each.

Q: There's a stray dog/animal around? Do I call a board member or the Humane Society? 
A: Call the Humane Society at 920-261-1270 as they are contracted by the Town for this

Q: I need a dog license, who do I call?
A: Call the treasurer at 920-988-6580 or email at

Q: I just got a puppy. Do I need a license for it?
A: Any dog over 5 months needs to be licensed.

Q: Do I need to license my cat?
A: No

Q: How much is a dog license?
A: It depends on the sex and whether it is "fixed". Check with the treasurer.
Five or more dogs are required to have a kennel license for $50.00 (See Dog License Section above Donations)